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Study Reveals Electric Vehicles with Best MOT Records

by | 3 Feb 2022 | News

As sales of pure electric vehicles continue to soar since 2020, a new study by Move Electric has highlighted those vehicles with the best MOT pass rates.

One question all prospective EV owners have is how reliable are they? Will they pass their MOT tests more easily than more complex conventionally-powered cars?

This study on over 5,000 electric vehicles has revealed that 87% of all EVs passed their MOT test on the first time of asking. Compare this with petrol and diesel cars aged under 8 years old, and almost 85% passed their MOT test first time.

So it does appear that EVs may have a slight advantage over conventional vehicles in terms of reliability, though longer-terms studies may show a different result. Only time will tell.

In any case, West End Service Station are fully certified to carry out MOT testing on electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and petrol and diesel powered cars at our testing centre in Port Talbot. We also are able to carry out MOT testing for motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters.