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How to Pass Your Motorcycle MOT Test

by | 15 Sep 2023 | News


The Motorcycle MOT test is an essential requirement for ensuring the safety and roadworthiness of motorcycles in the United Kingdom. This document provides an overview of the MOT test for motorcycles, including its purpose, requirements, and the process involved.

Purpose of the MOT Test

The MOT test for motorcycles aims to ensure that motorcycles on the UK roads meet the minimum safety and environmental standards. It helps in identifying any potential defects or issues that may affect the safety of the rider, passengers, and other road users. By conducting regular MOT tests, the government aims to reduce accidents caused by faulty motorcycles and maintain road safety.

Requirements for the MOT Test

To pass the MOT test, motorcycles need to meet certain requirements set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These requirements cover various aspects of the motorcycle, including:

  1. Lighting and signaling: The motorcycle’s headlights, indicators, brake lights, and reflectors must be in good working condition.
  2. Brakes: The motorcycle’s brakes should be effective and free from any defects that may compromise their performance.
  3. Suspension and steering: The suspension and steering components of the motorcycle should be in good condition, ensuring proper control and stability.
  4. Tires and wheels: The motorcycle’s tires should have sufficient tread depth and be free from any damage. The wheels should be securely attached and aligned correctly.
  5. Exhaust emissions: The motorcycle’s exhaust emissions must meet the required standards to minimize environmental impact.
  6. Frame and body: The motorcycle’s frame and body should be free from any structural damage that may affect its safety.
  7. Fuel system: The fuel system, including the tank, pipes, and connections, should be free from leaks or any other issues.
  8. Process of the MOT Test

The MOT test is conducted by authorized testing centers, commonly known as MOT testing stations. Here is the step-by-step process involved in the MOT test for motorcycles:

  1. Booking the test: Motorcycle owners need to book an appointment at an authorised MOT testing station.
  2. Pre-checks: Before the test, motorcycle owners can perform some pre-checks to ensure their motorcycles meet the requirements. However, these pre-checks do not guarantee a pass.
  3. Test procedure: During the test, trained testers will thoroughly examine various aspects of the motorcycle, including those mentioned earlier. They will use specialized equipment to assess the motorcycle’s safety and compliance with the standards.
  4. Test results: After the test, the owner will be informed of the test results. If the motorcycle meets all the requirements, it will receive a pass certificate. If any issues are identified, the owner will receive a fail certificate along with a list of defects that need to be addressed.
  5. Repairs and retest: If the motorcycle fails the MOT test, the owner must rectify the identified defects and then book a retest at the testing center. The retest should be done within ten working days.


The Motorcycle MOT test is a vital process that ensures the safety and compliance of motorcycles on UK roads. By adhering to the requirements and undergoing regular MOT tests, motorcycle owners can contribute to maintaining road safety and protecting themselves and others. It is crucial to book the test at authorised testing stations and address any identified defects promptly to ensure a safe and roadworthy motorcycle.