Vauxhall Tigra

Cars Most Likely to Pass or Fail an MOT Test

by | 26 Jul 2019 | News

WhatCar? Magazine recently published figures obtained from the DVSA which reveal the cars most likely to pass or fail an MOT test. The figures are based on MOT tests carried out in 2017 and reveal that the Vauxhall Tigra has the worst track record for passing a test, at almost 60% failure rate.

Other cars which struggled to pass the MOT test include the Kia Carens and Jeep Patriot, both popular vehicles in the UK.

Conversely, the study also revealed the cars which are most likely to pass, with the Nissan Leaf coming out top of the list with a failure rate of almost 4%. Other reliable cars for the UK are the Subaru Forester and Mercedes GLA.

“The MOT plays a key role in making sure the vehicles on our roads are safe to drive and meet high environmental standards. Vehicles fail their MOT for a variety of reasons, but proper maintenance is key to making sure a vehicle passes its MOT first time and remains safe to drive. By checking their vehicle all year round, motorists will also reduce the risk of causing an accident that kills or seriously injures someone.” – Neil Barlow, DVSA Head of Vehicle Engineering.

Since the stricter MOT rules were introduced last year, more than 10m British motorists have failed their MOT test. Defects are also now classed as dangerous, major and minor Рwith cars categorised as dangerous or major automatically failing the MOT. Under the changes, drivers who are given a dangerous mark must get their motor repaired before getting back behind the wheel.

If your vehicle requires an MOT test or needs a service or pre-MOT inspection, please contact our MOT Test Centre in Neath Port Talbot.