1 in 10 Cars Should Have Failed their MOT Test

by | 3 Jun 2023 | News

Approximately ten percent of cars passed their MOTs last year should have failed, according to new research.

According to data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) MOT Compliance Survey for 2021 and 2022, 10.1 percent of cars passed by MOT testers should have failed. A total of nearly 1.3 million cars are on the road with dangerous defects and are not roadworthy.

Another 2.1% of failed MOT tests were deemed passable, causing thousands of people to be temporarily stranded.

To determine whether correct testing standards were being applied, DVSA examiners retested 1,732 randomly selected vehicles.

In the MOT Compliance Survey, experts found that 12.2 percent of MOTs were incorrect.

Two-thirds of the vehicles that were retested had at least one defect that the MOT station had missed.

Among 1,142 vehicles retested, tyres were the most common defect, with 734 instances reported.

Following this were brake issues (660) and suspension problems (642), with all three potentially making the road more dangerous.

If you’re unsure what to check yourself before your MOT test, contact us at our MOT station in Port Talbot. We’re happy to advise.